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 Baby Friendly lays foundation for family

Like so many young mothers in our region, Lori did not have a large support network of family and friends surrounding her, passing on their wisdom on the finer points of raising a newborn.

Just after Lori gave birth to her second child she knew Lilly Anne was having trouble breastfeeding. “It happened with my first child as well. Within a week she was formula fed and frequently cranky. We didn’t get much sleep at all,” she said.

This time around however, there was help. The Baby Friendly Initiative was there to guide Lori and provide helpful tips to make sure she could give her baby the care she needed. “The nurses showed me things I would have never known on my own, the different ways to hold her, skin to skin contact. It is because of them that I have a healthy, happy baby that sleeps well at night.”

"The nurses showed me things I would have never known on my own." 

She adds that programs like this make a huge difference, “After 15 months Lilly Anne is still going strong. The Baby Friendly Initiative laid the foundation for me to succeed and for our family to be stronger.”

It is because of donor funded programs like this that we are able to provide the tools to strengthen families. All of this happens because of people like you.

We need your gift and continued kindness so that we can change lives for families in our region. Your kindness is helping us change lives and bring health care closer to home.

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