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Fort McMurray, Alberta- When you walk down any street in Fort McMurray you will see the community is made up of people from all over the world and different parts of Canada.  It’s a diverse community but one thing you will notice here is that this community is generous, selfless, and resilient. 

Many different organizations, schools and local businesses jump at the opportunity to help support local charities and fundraisers.  Each year the community rally’s to support initiatives like the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, The Salvation Army, the Center of Hope and this summer our neighbors to the West as they battle a scenario that is all too familiar to the residents of Fort McMurray.

This year, the Fort McMurray Islamic School (FMIS) and Markaz-Ul-Islam decided that they wanted to make a difference and we are honored that they chose the Health Foundation to be a part of their mission.  The FMIS provides Alberta Curriculum taught from an Islamic perspective by Alberta Certified Teachers.  Quran and Islamic Studies are taught as a subject area and Islamic principles are evident in all other subject areas.  In 2005 FMIS joined the Fort McMurray Public School Board as an alternative program.


Juanita Pilgrim, Mehar Rashid (FMIS Principal), Mohammed Al-Zabidi (Markaz-Ul-Islam President), Naseem Abdo, Markaz-Ul-Islam, VP Outread & Sara Eweida (FMIS employee).

Muslims have a tradition of fasting from sunrise to sunset when the Islamic calendar follows the lunar calendar, this is called Ramadan.  Sara Eweida an employee at the FMIS talks about the meaning of the traditional fasting, “Ramadan is a time to reflect on life, give in charity, correct bad habits and appreciate life’s blessings.  It is a time to think of the less fortunate and reconnect with our faith.” 

Each year the FMIS and Markaz-Ul-Islam have supported many different charities and organizations and supporting the Health Center has been in the works for quite some time.  I have worked at FMIS for many years and know that when a child is not feeling well, a toy can be a significant source of consolation.  Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection and charity, giving back to the community is self-evident and who better than to our tiniest community members.”

The FMIS and Markaz-Ul-Islam collected toys for children of all ages during Ramadan.  They also raised $2,500 towards the Gratitude Campaign.  The FMIS and Markaz-Ui-Islam would be very happy to continue supporting the Northern Lights Health Foundation in this way!  Donating to local health care is important because, as human beings, we need to support one another in our time of need.  If something we can do gives happiness and consolation to another person, it is a privilege to be able to help.”

The FMIS and Markaz-Ul-Islam has supported many local charities over the years.  Among them are the Wood Buffalo Food Bank, United Way, the Centre of Hope, Isaac Foundation and the Salvation Army among others.  It is both a duty and privilege to stand together with our fellow Canadians in their time of need.”

The Northern Lights Health Foundation is honored and thankful to have donors such as the FMIS and Markaz-Ul-Islam.

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