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Physical Activities are essential in the recovery of substance, drug and alcohol abuse


Addiction affects your everyday routine, work and personal life.  It’s not always easy to take the first step into recovery but you can choose to  make a positive change and there will be someone with you, every step of the way.  Addiction recovery can be life changing and it starts when someone decides they want to make a difference in their quality of life.

The Recovery Centre and Community Addictions Program here in Fort McMurray are for residential addiction to alcohol, gambling, tobacco and substance abuse.  The occupancy is eight males and eight female residents over the age of eighteen.  The Recovery Centre has seen an increase since the 2016 wildfire that devastated our city.  Since May of last year the Recovery Centre has had a 90% occupancy rate.

Thomas Kannumkulabil, Manager of the Recovery Centre and Community Addictions Program says that once clients decide to make the positive change to be clean from substance and alcohol, they need to occupy their times with healthy, physical activities.  The Centre relies heavily on donations from local businesses and residents, when it first opened; there was very limited gym equipment which means that clients would have to wait in line, or book a time in order to use the fitness centre.  Thanks to generous donors such as Finning, the Recovery Centre now has an elliptical and treadmill along with other equipment.

There are many different recovery techniques that challenge the way addicts think and feel.  Many recovering addicts suffer from insomnia, as their addiction is constantly on their mind when they are not using.  Strength training like push-ups and weight lifting help to reboot the body’s sleep cycle over time.  Other physical activities such as team sports, yoga, hiking and walking all have different ways of helping reset the mind and body.

Drug addiction recovery equips addicts with skills and the necessary tools after their treatment is concluded.  Having a set physical activity routine will boost their self-confidence and challenge not only their mind but their body physically as well.  These challenges remind addicts that the body and mind are capable of overcoming life’s hurdles.

The Fort McMurray Recovery Centre utilizes all donations that are sent their way.  Thanks to Finning, their fitness centre can now accommodate more clients at one time.  The Fort McMurray Recovery Centre is always looking for donations.  Their current needs are, physical activities including: basketballs, basketball nets, volleyballs, volleyballs nets, bicycles, helmets, and other things such as mini fridges and televisions. 

For more information on the Fort McMurray Recovery Centre’s needs call 780-793-8300.


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