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Health Care Heroes Series: Dr. Surinder Khinda MD, FRCPC, FACP Internal Medicine

Dr. Surinder Khinda, is the Facility Medical Director for Alberta Health Services at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. Taking his director position approximately five years ago, he oversees medical affairs, physician related recruitment, operations and patient safety. As a physician, he provides internal medicine and intensive care services. He oversees areas of cardiology and the Community Cancer Clinic, and provides medical support to stroke victims through the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network.

Originally from India, Dr. Khinda completed his internal medicine training in New York and completed his fellowship at the University of Calgary. He joined the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre in 2000.
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Dr. Khinda, where he shared what inspired him to enter the health care field and why he feels it’s important to support health care in our community.

Question: How long have you resided in the Wood Buffalo region and what inspired you to call Fort McMurray home?
Dr. Khinda: I was born in a rural area in India and I suppose I always liked the small town way of life. I enjoy the challenge of working in a smaller community. I also enjoy working in place that has a strong sense of community and is tight knit.

Question: What inspired you to go into medicine? What about it do you find to be the most rewarding?
Dr. Khinda: I’ve always wanted become a physician since I was a child. What inspired me to enter medicine was the ability to help people.

Question: Can you speak to how the work of the Northern Lights Health Foundation has impacted you professionally?
Dr. Khinda: The Health Foundation has impacted me professionally in many ways over the years, whether it be through funding medical equipment, programs or services. They’ve funded many enhancements to the care we’re able to provide in this community and from a physician-specific point of view, they’ve also played a key role in the physician retention over the years through providing financial supports.

Question: The Health Foundation turned 30 years old this year. Can you say a few words about why you feel it’s important to support health care in our community?
Dr. Khinda: The Health Foundation plays an instrumental role in bringing the community to the health care system. It mobilizes people to invest in their own health. Make a gift today

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Dr. Surinder Khinda in his office at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre. 

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