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Heroic Holden Brings POWER to Support Kids!

When you are inspired by a comic book hero to do good for others how do you start and where do you put your efforts to have big impact?  Holden started with an idea – he wanted to support kids in care at the Northern Lights Health Centre.

From the idea, Holden created Heroic Holden, a Facebook page designed to help him fund raise to buy toys, puzzles, games, and gift cards to donate to the Health Foundation. For over two months, Holden promoted sales of candy brittle, asked for donations from friends, family, and customers, and just kept sharing his message. He raised over $750 and then went shopping for gifts for patients at the hospital.

And Holden did not stop there! A donation of rings, necklaces, and other jewellery from Moe Tarrabin of Prestige Jewellers, enabled Holden to host a silent auction through his Facebook page. Thanks to a great Facebook audience, the auction took off and raised $3,000! This donation will be added to the Health Foundation’s Greatest Needs Fund which has allocated funding towards the creation of a Pediatric Mental Health Sensory room at the hospital.

Holden is currently doing bottle drives, adding new candies and treats for sale through the Heroic Holden Facebook page, and thinking about other ways he can raise funds and keep supporting kids at the hospital. To support Heroic Holden please check out his Facebook page at:

To launch your own fundraising for the Health Foundation please call Cindy at 780-791-6178.

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