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Wood Buffalo couple invests in advancing local health care

 Moving to Fort McMurray in 2006, Rolando and Nicole Inzunza quickly embraced their new home, becoming active community members and giving countless hours of their time to volunteer opportunities. Rolando and Nicole’s commitment to our region is undeniable, so much so, that Rolando was recently named as a finalist for the Volunteer Recognition Heart of Wood Buffalo Award in honour of Bill Bloomfield.
Nicole and Rolando’s relationship with the Northern Lights Health Foundation was sparked by attending some of the Health Foundation’s special events, namely Spring Fling and Festival of Trees. In 2010, the couple decided to become monthly donors for the Health Foundation.
According to Rolando and Nicole, monthly giving to the Health Foundation is a quick and convenient way to make a significant impact on our region’s health care. 

“The monthly donor program is a very easy way to be involved,” says Nicole, who acted as Volunteer Coordinator for the Health Foundation’s 2013 Festival of Trees. “You can sign up with the Health Foundation. It’s a really easy way to give and is a way to give within your capacity of giving.”

By becoming a Health Foundation monthly donor, you can help ensure that every person coming through the doors of our region’s health care facilities, receive the best health care available.

“I know our monthly donation goes towards providing better health care in MY region,” says Rolando. “It’s spent on things that will make my trip to the hospital just a little less unpleasant or a family member’s procedure a little less scary.”

Your monthly donation will help the Health Foundation continue to fund medical equipment, technology, education, innovative programs and infrastructure excellence. 

According to Rolando, supporting health care in our region is critical.
“For us, health care is really important. The Northern Lights Health Foundation is great at building on that,” he says. “Health care is really something that’s a part of everybody’s life so supporting the Health Foundation is a great way to make sure, whether you need it now or in the future, that facilities, programs and services are available when you need them.” 

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Rolando and Nicole moved to Fort McMurray in pursuit of career opportunities, but soon realized our region has even more to offer.

“I’ve met some extraordinary people. I’ve also been involved in some incredible community initiatives,” says Rolando. “Because Fort McMurray has also provided us with rewarding work opportunities, we’ve been privileged enough to have traveled throughout the world and experience amazing things.”

“In Fort McMurray, because most people are from somewhere else, they don’t have a lot of actual family here. As a result, people truly treat their friends like family and that creates some incredible relationships,” says Nicole. “We’ve been lucky to have developed some great friendships in the eight years we’ve lived here.” 

By supporting health care in our region, it ensures that many patients are able to be treated right here in our region. 
“The money we give allows the people of Wood Buffalo to stay in our community to receive their medical care,” says Rolando. “It helps eliminate the need to travel a very long five hours to Edmonton for the care they need.”
Ongoing monthly support helps the Health Foundation plan for funding future health care priorities. As our region’s health care needs inevitably grow and change, the Health Foundation is ready to meet those needs.
For more information on how to become a Health Foundation monthly donor, contact the Health Foundation at or call 780-791-6041.

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