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Northern Lights Health Foundation Expresses Gratitude to Campaign Donors

Wrapping up a large fundraising campaign is a bitter-sweet experience. The sweet is that a massive milestone has been met and that the projects will soon come to life and the opportunity to celebrate with wonderful friends. The bitter is the feeling that the campaign, which was a driving force of our work for the past few years, has ended. Luckily, there is more sweetness in the bottom of this pie and an exciting new avenue of work is before us!

A $16m campaign takes a lot of sincere donors who are looking to make an impact on the health programs, services, and infrastructure in our region. While we would have liked to thank the over 1,000 donors to the campaign personally it just wasn’t possible. Please know your contributions were invaluable and hugely important.

We did however, have an opportunity to host a reception to thank the donors who contributed over $50,000 to the eight projects in the Gratitude Campaign. In expressing our thank you to the donors, we were mirroring the reasons that many individuals, families, and companies had given to the campaign. We were in fact expressing our Gratitude to the donors.

We began by unveiling a new Northern Lights Health Foundation banner featuring a heart-shaped Gratitude word cloud created from the words we heard repeated over and over from donors – health, joy, care, hope, home, family, impact, compassion, innovation, comfort, dedication and so many more. We added a new tag line – Investing in Healthcare, to reflect your reason to give.

Donors also received a glass Gratitude ball – a symbol of the gratitude we feel for the contributions made – and a repository for a daily expression of gratitude on tiny slips of paper. There is just something about holding a glass globe of good thoughts that brings serenity to your day.

Lastly, we showed a new video at our 32nd Spring Fling which followed immediately after the reception.  Maybe I should say it was a new-old video. We used previous video footage, photo stills, and clips of conversations gathered over the past 4 years to wrap up the campaign and showcase the future. Spring Fling guests really enjoyed the video and we hope you do as well. You can view the video here:

Although the fundraising component of the campaign is complete, we are moving forward with donor recognition and signs are popping up all over the hospital. A huge 60ft Gratitude mural dominates the surgery hallway, and plaques have been placed recognizing the Bouchier Family Multi-Purpose Room, The Margaret MacDonald Medicine Wheel Room and the Canadian Natural Continuing Care improvements. There are more plaques to come once the Palliative Care Suites, Minimally Invasive Surgical Suites, and Suncor Heart of Health lobby projects are completed.

We are very excited to enter the next phases of the Gratitude Campaign and are very thankful to have our dedicated donors along with us as the impact of your donations become more and more apparent. Thank you again for your support!


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