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National Nurses Week 2022

Just how important is it to have quality healthcare services in the communities where we live and work? For the Wood Buffalo region, the value is immeasurable. In the past six years we've experience major trauma with environmental disasters and a global pandemic. And, our medical and front line staff have continued to #AnswertheCall, to show up ready and able for work to provide outstanding care to ourselves, our loved ones and our friends and co-workers.

We'd like to offer a huge shout-out to all the nurses throughout the region who are providing passionate and compassionate care in support of patient healthcare journeys including acute care, emergency care, surgical care, pandemic response care, public health care, mental health care, maternal health care, seniors care, home care, ambulatory care, physical therapy care and so much more.

Many of you want to do something meaningful to support nurses and frontline healthcare workers. The simplest and most significant way to do that is with a donation––this will put the best tools and services in their hands everyday. There’s nothing more special that you can do right now than ensure nurses can fulfill their mission –  #WeAnswertheCall. Donate today!

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