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Young Philanthropists from Walter and Gladys Hill raise $2,471.70 for local healthcare. 

Afnaan Syed, Prem Prajapati, Hunter Leckie, Ruturaj Joshi and Liam Rosser wanted to make a difference and help the community.  After presenting a case for support to their principals, these grade 5 boys took the time to canvass their entire school.  They made presentations on healthcare and cancer research to instill the importance of taking care of yourself and helping others.  This incredible group well exceeded their goal of $500 and were thrilled to present a cheque to the Northern Lights Health Foundation for $2,471.70. 

These boys were sparked by the Giving Spirit and hope their actions will inspire others to make a difference and do more.  Young philanthropists indeed, and our future leaders!  Many thanks to Afnaan, Prem, Hunter, Ruturaj and Liam as well as all the students and staff at Walter and Gladys Hill school who supported their fundraiser. 



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