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More Beds Add Capacity to the Health Centre


Recently, the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre opened six new hospital rooms which resulted in ten additional patient beds. This is the first large scale patient room and bed addition in many years and will help ease the pressure in the medicine and surgery departments.

The construction and outfitting of the new rooms was made possible through a very generous gift from the Suncor Energy Foundation. After a lengthy clinical review and construction planning period fourteen staff offices were removed from the second floor of the Health Centre and the new six-room ward was created. The rooms are large, bright and well-appointed with each patient having a window view.

Currently, patients who were located on the Medicine ward (3rd floor of the Health Centre) while they waited for a bed placement on the Continuing Care floor (4th floor of the Health Centre), are enjoying their new rooms. This has created capacity on the Medicine and Surgical wards to provide more bed spaces for patients.

We often say that our Health Center is like a slide puzzle. It is a dynamic space and we will constantly be adjusting the services and spaces inside to serve patients the best ways possible. Thanks to your donations, and the efforts of the administration and medical staff of the health center, we will create strong, healthy communities. Together.


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