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Compassion for Pain


Do you ever wonder why the Health Foundation seeks non-restricted donations and what happens to those donations? Non-restricted donations are pooled and allow the Board of Directors of the Foundation to consider the many requests for grants that are received throughout the year from AHS departments.

Sometimes we need to act quickly and must have funds on hand to allow a department immediate access to replace equipment or technology. A case in point is last year’s urgent request from the health center’s Director of Patient Care to purchase eighteen (18) self-administered pain medication pumps. These new patient-activated pumps, known as CADD PCA and PCEA pumps replace fifteen (15) older units which are used in obstetrics and surgery and allow the health center to add three (3) new units which will be used for patients in palliative care.

Jordanna Lambert, Director of Patient Care is very excited to have newer units in place. “The new units contain updated drug libraries and are wireless allowing for seamless updates to the drug library. We’ve done a tremendous amount of work in the facility updating the AHS systems to be ready for these kinds of technological advances and now we can put the power of self-medication control into the patient’s hands. Thanks to the Foundation’s quick response to our request for funding for $74,000 we have received the pumps and the medical staff received training on the new units. The units are in use throughout the facility.”

Everything we do at the Foundation and in AHS is designed to improve a patient’s access to quality healthcare and to ensure the best quality of equipment is in use. Being able to manage pain with a system that has a low potential for dose error and a wirelessly updatable drug library improves patient outcomes and makes a patient more comfortable.

Your donations, combined with other community member donations, add up and truly do make a difference for patients!

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