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Palliative Care Suites Construction Kicks Off

Naming of the Palliative Care Suites Announced!

On Monday, September 9th, the Gratitude Campaign Palliative Care Project named suite partners came together to launch the construction of the Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative Suites at the Northern Lights Health Centre.

Hosted by the Northern Lights Health Foundation, the occasion allowed each of the donors to meet with project and construction leaders to understand the placement of the suites in the Medicine Ward on the 3rd floor of the health center; to gain an understanding of the size and functionality of each of the suites; and to see how their leadership donations will be recognized when the construction is complete.

This long-awaited project will ensure that the health center has dedicated rooms for end of life care. Rooms where family can visit and stay with loved ones in comfort and peace. The plan includes three suites – each with a patient room, a family room, and a shared bathroom. In addition, a secure family lounge has been created to allow a quiet refuge.

Following the AHS Philanthropic and Honorific Naming Policy, the Northern Lights Health Foundation submitted a recognition proposal for the palliative suites which was approved by AHS Leadership earlier this year. We are proud to announce the naming of the block of suites as the Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative Suites.

Jeremy Snook was a young man who died of brain cancer at the age of 19 and whose life story was the catalyst for the launch of the Gratitude Campaign Palliative Care Suites project. Jeremy’s parents, Brian and Gail Snook began the Jeremy Snook Memorial Raffle with the Health Foundation to raise funds for the project. The vehicle lottery ran for three years and was highly successful raising almost $330,000.

Brian and Gail Snook were also instrumental in attracting another $330,000 in funding from family, friends, and businesses toward the project and raised the profile of the Gratitude Campaign enabling the Foundation to secure the rest of the funding requested by AHS to construct the suites.

The September 9th event also enabled the Health Foundation to acknowledge three leadership donors of gifts over $250,000 who will have suites named in their honor. Longtime resident and local business owner Lance Bussieres represented his company RE/MAX Fort McMurray. Helping to create a strong prosperous community which attracts and retains residents is important to RE/MAX Fort McMurray. Lance and his family, and the growing family of agents and employees, have made health care a priority as Foundation supporters for over 20 years and we are pleased to name the RE/MAX Fort McMurray Suite.

Dan and Janet Fouts have left a huge legacy in our community through their gift to the Gratitude Campaign. The creation of the Gratitude Campaign, and in particular the Palliative Care project, was vitally important to Dan throughout his tenure as the Chair of the Health Foundation Board of Directors. His mother’s illness and his inability to spend quality time in an appropriate space with her during her passing brought clarity and focus to this project. As co-owner of Stony Valley, Dan pledged support from both the company and from his family to help bring this project to fruition. We are pleased to announce the naming of The Fouts Family Suite.

Imperial Oil was one of the first donors to the campaign with a leadership gift directed to Palliative Care. Imperial understands that quality health care is a priority for its employees from birth to end of life and that all care should be provided with dignity. We are very pleased to announce the Imperial Oil Suite.

Guests gathered with AHS staff in the lobby to hear the construction and naming announcement and to review the palliative care room suite mockups on display.

The Jeremy Snook Memorial Palliative Suites project is expected to cost approximately $1.7M with a construction schedule of approximately 10 months.

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